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Are You Doing Enough Traveling?

If Covid hadn’t happened I would be in Alaska right now.

My husband and I have postponed the 5-week trip that would take us through northern Michigan and Wisconsin into central and western Canada to meet up with an Alaska cruise ship in Vancouver for 2 weeks in Alaska before coming  home.

When Covid hit, people were forced to cancel travel plans. Even now, rescheduling them is a crap shoot as no one really knows what is safe to do.

Not only are travel and tourism essential businesses to economies all over the world, travel is an essential part of our lives. Whether you’re going to a different town or city near you, a different part of the country, or a different part of the world, travel enriches life and adds dimension to who we are.

It lets us see all the things we have in common with people who are different from us.

It gives us opportunities to make new friends and discover more about history, culture, foods,  architecture, and other lifestyles.

It exposes us to nature, landscapes, and wildlife different from where we live and challenges us to deal with unexpected situations in a positive and decisive way.

It changes our perspectives about places, people, and cultures different than our own. It changes us by enriching our scope of knowledge. 

In an interview done with people age 65 and older, when asked what haunts them the most about their life choices, #4 on the list was “Not traveling enough.”

So I’m asking you, “Are you traveling enough?”

Are their places you want to see and experiences you want to have that you’ve pushed back to a “will get to it someday” time in your life?

If yes, make that someday be now. Start now to explore, discover, and get out of your comfort zone. Despite the Covid situation there is much you can do.

Start local. Take a day and visit a town or city, a state park, a lake or wildlife area, or historic site you’ve never been to, that’s within an hour or two of where you live. Day trips are an easy, inexpensive way to explore and discover.

It’s amazing how many places you’ve never been to that are in your own back yard.

You can travel as a volunteer to participate in projects sponsored by organizations such as the National Park Service, NASA, Adventure Scientists, and National Geographic where you get to experience new places while donating your time to a worthwhile cause.

What states do you want to visit? What countries? How do you want to travel? Are you a land, sea, or air traveler?

Are you an independent adventurer who can just hit the road and be spontaneous? Or do you like to have a plan, knowing where you’ll go each day and what you’ll do, with advance reservations so there aren’t any unexpected surprises?

Perhaps you prefer to travel with tour groups. There are many options of pre-planned guided tours from short excursions with local tour groups to international excursions where you can visit 10 countries in 30 days.

Many people prefer cruise ships where then can stay in the same room for the length of the cruise, enjoy on-ship dining and entertainment, but also get to explore ports of call along the destination. There are river cruises and ocean cruises, each offering many choices of adventures.

Are you an outdoors person wanting to explore nature by hiking, rafting, kayaking, climbing, or skiing? Or are you a resort person looking for travel with lots of luxuries and amenities? Do you love urban experiences in cities with museums, theatres, and lots of shopping and dining choices? Or perhaps you’re drawn by an interest in history and the past to historic homes, sites, and living history museums.

If you have children, travel is one of the most amazing gifts you can give them. Take them places where they can see and do new things. Make life an adventure for them and give them memories they’ll treasure forever.

Many of us make excuses that we need more money or more time to do the traveling we want.

Instead of an excuse, use the time you do have to get on the road, water, or in the air. Prioritize your spending by choosing to live a smaller day-to-day life so you have funds to go new places.

Don’t put it off. Don’t push it out to the future. Don’t be a “someday” dreamer. You never know what may happen in your life that could change your future in unexpected ways, such as failing health or an unforeseen accident that can come at any age, circumstances that can drastically alter travel dreams.

When it comes to travel, live your life without regrets!

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us!.”