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Category Living a Happy Life

Get Outside and Play!

family playing outdoor games

This week is National Backyard Games Week! So to celebrate, perhaps we should all take some time to enjoy fun and games in our back yards. 83% of us are urban dwellers, many in homes without yards. If you don’t…

Chickens and Eggs

little girl with her pet hen

A couple months ago consumers were lamenting the high cost of eggs. They were the one food item a lot of people focused on when dealing with rising food costs. Right now at my grocery store the price is $3.89…

Afternoon Tea

box of tea

The first time I experienced a proper English High Tea was in the fall of 1983 at the Park Lane Hotel in London. I loved it. The British ritual of High Tea began in the 1800s when a close friend…

Music is Life Itself

live concert

I borrowed my blog title this week from Louis Armstrong because I quite agree. Music is the universal language understood by all of mankind. There is something affirming about being surrounded by others all enjoying and sharing the same music.…

It’s Christmas Cookie Time!

kid making Christmas cookies

Did you know? The favorite Christmas cookie in the U.S. is the peanut butter blossom. That’s according to General Mills, and Betty Crocker backs it up with their list of the favorite Christmas cookies by state. It surprised me because…

Getting to Pretend

couple dressed in costume

What makes Halloween Parties so much fun for adults is getting to pretend you are someone, or something, other than who you are. At least for a few hours. For many years I was lucky enough to go to Halloween…