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What Does Freedom Mean to You?

Jeffersons Grave

Happy July 4th – Independence Day in America! It’s a good time to think back to the reasons the American colonies were motivated to declare independence, and war, on Britain. Basically, it was taxes. As the American colonies grew and…

The Virtues of Pie

two pies on a table

I’ve noticed that dessert choices on menus at fine dining restaurants rarely include pie. You’ll find flan, crème brulee, mousse, cheesecakes and other delectables. But usually, to find a dessert menu with selections of pie, you need to be at…

The Most Fun Holiday

trick or treat stand

What’s not to love about Halloween? You get to dress up and transform yourself into your favorite superhero, fairy tale, movie or spooky character, and be whoever and whatever you want! People give you candy and treats just for showing…