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Category Making the Most of Travel

Gentle Giants

book cover of the elephants dilemma

Do you have a favorite animal – domestic or wild? If yes, what animal connects with you? For me it’s elephants. It started when I was kid. I had a book called “The Elephant’s Dilemma”, published in 1945. The little…

Snowbirds on the Move

interior shot of a man driving a car

Summer may be the biggest vacation season, but each January flocks of snowbirds take to the road and sky, heading to warmer climates for extended winter getaways. Florida is the top destination in the U.S. This year the state of…

It’s Fall Festival Season

festival band

If you don’t live in the deep south, by mid September there is starting to be a crispness to the air. Days bring plenty of welcomed mild temperatures without any of summer’s humidity. There are still butterflies flitting around the…

Beartooth Pass

Beartooth Pass

At the Northeast entrance to Yellowstone National Park, on the Wyoming and Montana border, you can get on route 212 and head north into Montana on the Beartooth Highway. Years ago, CBS correspondent Charles Kuralt called The Beartooth “America’s most…

Preserving the Past

When it comes to old buildings, how much of the past should we preserve? How important is it to preserve and restore historic public buildings and private homes? What do we have to gain from reclaiming and preserving the past?…

Traveling in Place

view from a car window

In the fall of 2019 National Geographic sent me their 2020 Expeditions Travel Catalog. I immediately read it cover to cover and found a trip that sounded fascinating. It was a 24-day globe-trotting trip in October that included 15 UNESCO…