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Category Self Empowerment

Forget About Expectations

thanksgiving dinner on a table

Do you get stressed during the Holiday Season? A study by the American Psychological Association reported that over the holiday season (November to New Years) stress levels get higher. The study also showed that increased stress affects women at more…

Truth in Advertising

vintage camels ad

A lot of unscrupulous companies have created some whopper lies to sell their products. Perhaps the biggest lie perpetrated over the course of decades was by the tobacco industry that claimed cigarettes are good for your health and that doctors…

Verbal Tennis

people having a conversation

A good conversation is like a game of tennis. One player serves the ball, then the other player returns it, and back and forth the ball goes. That’s what should happen with words in a conversation. Someone starts the conversation…

The Invisible Illness

old photo of a woman standing by a car

It was really hard growing up with a mother who had a mental illness. Sometimes she seemed normal. Other times she would say things that were frightening and illogical. She could be gentle and then become irrational. You never quite…

The New You

Cary Grant

“Everyone wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant”, said Cary Grant. More than anyone I can think of, Cary Grant personifies the art of reinventing yourself. Grant was born on January 18, 1904 into a…

The Other Side of the Fence

deer by a fence

Did you know that the average adult makes about 35,000 decisions a day? Whew!  But most of these are easy because they’re small and repetitive … what to make for dinner, what to wear, what to watch on TV, should…

What Happens Next?

Young man passes from a peak to another on a book. Opened door. The concept of scholarship and opportunity.

Babies have very limited ways to communicate. But they quickly learn that if they cry they’ll usually get picked up. Their action stimulates the reaction they want. But its not until around the age of 8 that a child has…