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When Doctors Poison a Patient

In Alfred Hitchcock’s 1946 film Notorious, Ingrid Bergman is coerced into being a spy for the U.S. Government in Argentina, infiltrating a household of Nazis who are sheltered there.

Her cover is soon suspected, and the mother of the house systematically starts to poison her, making her too weak to function, with the ultimate goal of killing her.

Cary Grant, the government agent responsible for her eventually realizes what is happening and rescues her.

I think it is one of Hitchcock’s most suspenseful films. Bergman’s performance in the film is spectacular.

Unfortunately for me, I now know first hand how it feels to be poisoned with something that leaves you so weak you can’t function.

I learned that same scenario is being practiced every day by the medical profession in this country on their cancer patients. This is real life. Actually happening.

I knew this back in 2012 and 2013 when I watched my best friend given drugs for her cancer that literally zapped the life out of her. But I had no idea what she was feeling. This is not something you can truly understand til it happens to  you.

The poison used on me was a steroid. 

Steroids are so powerful that within just days they can take a fit, healthy person with energy and turn them into an invalid.

The specific drug I am writing about is Dexamethasone. Doctors prescribe this drug knowing full well they are slowly killing their patients with it.

During my visits to cancer doctors this year, while sitting in waiting rooms, we patients conversed about this. One woman told me her friend’s doctor killed her in just two weeks with steroids.

We hear much more about doctors putting patients on opioids. It’s time to sound the alarm about steroids.

I should be thankful I’m still here. I’m surprised that I am considering the physical devastation I’ve been through and continue to deal with. There was an entire week that was so awful I just wanted to die.

Whether it is a low dose of prednisone, a high dose of Dexamethazone, or a corticosteroid, the practice

 needs to be deemed unethical and stopped and alternatives found.

As I write this I have no idea whether I will recover. I haven’t yet even though I am currently detoxing from the drug.

One thing I am certain about is that it has changed my attitude toward doctors in many ways.

First is I don’t trust anything they say. I spent my whole life being healthy because I didn’t run to doctors with every little ache and pain. I used holistic and homeopathic approaches for most of my health needs. But when I was diagnosed with cancer in February I felt I needed to listen to the “experts”. I was so wrong.

Second, I misunderstood the quick scheduling of diagnostic procedures, office visits, and treatment procedures to be concern by doctors for the seriousness of my cancer, which is not curable. I didn’t realize all of the scheduling of office visits, lab work, diagnostic tests, and treatment procedures are actually based on whether your medical insurance has pre-approved payment for these.

When payment is guaranteed you get through the system quickly. Right now there are 6 of these scheduled for me in April, none of which I plan to do for the simple reason that I don’t yet have the mobility to leave my house because I am too weak from the steroids.

Third, the cancer word triggers an onslaught of big business opportunity. There are all kinds of cancer specialists and they work together passing information back and forth, but rarely do any of them check on how the patients are actually doing.

Which is why going forward there are no drugs, chemicals, dyes or substances of any kind that anyone is putting in my body.

I have always felt a doctor’s creed was to do no harm. Yet the use of toxic steroids like Dexamethasone as part of cancer treatment is an ongoing practice. Which is why I am writing about it here.

Cancer is so pervasive it is likely that each of us knows at least one, or more, people who are dealing with a form of it right now. Please share this blog with them and sound this alarm. I don’t want anyone else to go through what I am dealing with.

“Despite widespread devastation an investigation by NPR found that doctors still prescribe highly addictive medications at rates widely considered to be unsafe.” NPR, 2022

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  1. Completely agree. I see the federal healthcare system from DHHS through CDC, FDA, NIH right down to NIAID as utterly corrupt and rife with conflicts of interests. These are the agencies primarily responsible for the obscene transfer of trillions of dollars from our nation to the CCP thanks to the Chinese virus for all those “free” masks and “free” test kits. I can’t find if the “free” shots and “free” pills were manufactured in China or elsewhere. The jabs are still administered under EUAs today (Comirnaty is branded as an exception, but that product is shrouded in extraordinarily vague word salad games), so these jabs are non-approved unless there is an overarching national emergency declaration.

    The reason the pandemic declaration has not been revoked is because the jabs will be illegal without it – it’s the end of a big part of the gravy train. Pharmaceutical companies have been showered with taxpayer dollars to develop and field their products, billions if not trillions more taxpayer dollars to buy them, but these companies are protected from liability regarding from using their COVID-19 vaccines. Politicians and medical “experts” are still telling us today how safe these vaccines are…then why the EUAs?

    Probably can’t trust doctors either, as they are so busy I seriously doubt if they have time to conduct independent research, and depend on the corrupt federal system for guidance. Doctors are also under the direction of their organizations’s leadership – all to often, that leadership consists of health care management executives that are not doctors, nurses, PAs or the like. At my local hospital level, these hospital officers can and do establish policy on how doctors are permitted to practice their craft. Program manager types that were never practicing medical professionals forbid their doctors from prescribing Ivermectin to their patients, for example.

    I think it was Michael Crichton that talked about doctors in on his book prefaces. His main point was back in the day many aspired to be a doctor for altruistic reasons – they wanted to save the human race; to develop a cure for cancer, to save people’s lives. Prestigious medical facilities competed for the best ones to expand the depth and breadth of quality medical capabilities. But over time, greed was in and altruism was out. Commercial medical interests offered more money, more benefits, better working conditions and all of that. Industry picks off the best doctors to invent and field various treatments for profit motives, and if that saves lives, so much the better. Today way too many people became doctors for the money. There’s a growing shortage of doctors, particularly general practitioners (the lowest paid class of doctors). The problem is particularly acute in rural areas. Industry, academia, insurance and the entire infrastructure feeds the system, and that system is all about the Benjamins. You know, one could make a case the upcoming Chinese activities vis-à-vis Taiwan will be financed with all that “free” Covid stuff our government purchased from China.

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